Mwezi is the second vulture to enter the Bred 4 the Wild  programme. He hatched from the first egg ever harvested out of the wild in 2015. Approaching five years of age, he is almost adult in colour and is going to be paired soon with the older female Leseli. Mwezi means “moon” in the Zambian dialect Nyanja. We affectionately refer to him as being as mad as Alice in Wonderland’s Hatter, or ‘quirky’ at the very least! It’s not his fault really – he began his breeding programme life by being ridden into captivity on a horse. His case is definitely one of being ‘shaken, not stirred.’ Pictured here he is collecting wool that the wild bearded vultures use to line their nests. This shows he is nearing sexual maturity and will hopefully fulfil his important role in life heading up the breeding group.